Life on the South Pole is a blast. And by a blast, we mean “cold and horrible”. But it has some positives too! First of all: lower taxes! Yay! But that’s not why you should move there. I just figured it might help so I threw it out there. I always go the extra mile to help you guys out in your decision making processes.


Anyway, if you want to live in a weird place where you can get a bunch of random facts to woo your visitors with, the South Pole is the perfect spot. Let me give you some cool info that’ll impress all the filthy plebs visiting your ice castle.



You Don’t Need To Get A Watch
And it’s not because you have a cellphone! It’s actually because the sun – if it’s out – gradually circles the sky. If it’s above a certain point at 2 PM, it’ll be at that point every day at 2 PM.



The Sun Only Sets And Rises Once Per Year
None of that nonsensical circadian stuff. And every time the sun goes up or down, it takes several days. No more missing sunsets!

There’s Hardly Any People Around
Because we all hate people. No one that considers moving to the South Pole has any right to claim otherwise.


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