Bollywood stars are gaining more and more
popularity with each passing year, their names being known all across the
globe. What most of you probably don’t know is that India’s TV is just as
dramatic, action-packed, and downright awesome as Bollywood movies. It’s just longer
and with more cast members! Of course, Indian TV shows star pretty amazing
actors and actresses, some of which you’ll see right now. They are talented,
bold, and beautiful beyond words! Here are 10 most beautiful Indian TV celebs


Best known for her role in Yehrishta Kya kehlata Hein as gorgeous
Akshara, Hina Khan has millions of followers all over India and just happens to
be the highest paid actress in India as of today. She also frequents live
dancing shows and is famous for her presence in Big Boss TV show.

Hina Khan |  Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian TV Celebrities | ZestRadar


This rising Bollywood star is a true
delight for the eyes! She’s just started shifting from a TV show personality to
a Bollywood diva, so currently she’s doing both. She recently debuted with an
Akshay Kumar movie and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead of her.

Mouni Roy |  Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian TV Celebrities | ZestRadar


Gurmeet Choudhary is most famous for his
role as Ram in Ramayan, which has
become quite legendary. Gurmeet is a real superstar with great looks, crazy
dancing skills, and a career in modelling that helps him always look cool on

Gurmeet Choudhary |  Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian TV Celebrities | ZestRadar


The award-winning star of Saraswatichandra TV series has been in
the industry since she was 12. That’s quite some time to build a following and
start a career! Her charm and beauty make her one of the most attractive
actresses on Indian TV.

Jennifer Winget |  Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian TV Celebrities | ZestRadar


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