As a millenial, I can say that the 90s were the best time to
grow up in. So many things from that time have had a great impact on the pop culture,
especially movies and TV. The 90s gave us Buffy, Pokemons and MTV. And the 90s
gave us the best teen movies ever. From “Cruel
to “Clueless”, here
are the top 10 iconic teen movies from the 90s that are still legendary after
all these years.

“Cruel Intentions”

This movie showed us an incredible transformation of Sarah
Michelle Gellar. A do-gooder Buffy the Vampire Slayer transformed into a
manipulative, twisted-minded teenager Kathryn Murtagh who decides to put her
step-brother’s seduction skills to test by challenging him to seduce an
innocent girl Annette.  

Cruel Intentions | Top 10 Cult Teen Movies From The 90s | ZestRadar

“Can’t Hardly Wait”

Whether it was the best of times or the worst, everyone remembers
their last year of high school. Living the last night of high school like
there’s no tomorrow is pretty much sums up the plot. Drinking, partying,
laughing, crying, falling in love and breaking up – this movie has it all.

Can’t Hardly Wait | Top 10 Cult Teen Movies From The 90s | ZestRadar

“Scream” (1996)

A group of teens who love horror movies are forced to relive
all the horror movie cliches in real life. They get chased by a serial killer
in the now famous Ghost Face mask. It’s like high school isn’t awful enough
that you have to make it a total nightmare.

Scream | Top 10 Cult Teen Movies From The 90s | ZestRadar

“The Craft” (1996)

A new girl Sarah who is looking for new friends joins the
group of outcast girls who happen to have witch powers. Unfortunately, things
went south when Sarah realizes that the girls are using their powers to do
evil. The movie that started out as a thriller with a drop of comedy ended up
as one of the darkest teen movies ever made.

The Craft | Top 10 Cult Teen Movies From The 90s | ZestRadar


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