Colorful ornate masks, unbelievable acrobatic stunts, feuds of epic proportions – if you had a chance to see these attributes of ‘lucha libre’ – the Mexican version of free wrestling – in the ring, you know what it means to wrestle Mexican style. High-flying and quick-paced moves of Mexican luchadores made a profound influence on modern-day American and Japanese pro-wrestlers. Without these impressive actions, the world of WWE would definitely be less exciting, less dynamic, less entertaining.
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Let’s get to know five persons who embody the wild Mexican tradition. Their athleticism and daredevil skills brought tons of attention to lucha libre. They were revolutionaries who transformed pro-wrestling into something never seen by international audiences. Their legendary rivalries add a flair of drama to the sport. Considering how these mysterious masked men managed to change the public perception of wrestling as a show, they certainly deserve your undivided attention.

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