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How to tell if a guy likes you? This is a question that every woman has asked herself at least once in her life. Through this article I will try to provide an answer as accurate and thorough as possible, also addressing very particular cases, such as:

  1. How to tell if a shy guy likes you
  2. How to tell if a friend likes you
  3. How to understand if you like a guy you don’t know
  4. How to understand if he really likes you

There is a large number of signals, more or less explicit , that boys are constantly sending to the girls they are interested in. Learning to decipher them is a fundamental step that you need to take to take charge of your love life and avoid missing out on a lot of important occasions.

But there is a problem…

The signs that help you understand if a guy likes you may vary based on the context in which you are, your age and the type of character of the boy in question. For example, you can easily imagine that the signals that a shy 16-year-old boy would send to his classmate towards whom he has a feeling, are totally different from those that a 40-year-old man would send to a colleague of his interest. Do you agree?

So let’s do this: first I will present you with general suggestions , which represent the basis for understanding if he likes you. Subsequently we will go into more particular cases and we will see all the typical signals for each situation, which the boys send to a girl towards whom they have an interest.

Even before I want to invite you to take a kidnapped test to find out if he likes you. Answer 15 simple questions and find out how many possibilities you have with him!

how to tell if a guy likes you

how to tell if a guy likes you

Question 1 of 15.

What kind of relationship do you and this boy have?

1. We know each other little/by sight/only via social networks
2. We went out together once or several times
3. We have been friends for a long time
4. We are schoolmates/universities/work colleagues
5. We are currently dating
Question 2 of 15.

How would you describe the character of this guy?

1. It is quite sociable, but only in certain contexts
2. He is shy and introverted: he does not easily give confidence to others
3. He is quite outgoing and sociable with everyone
Question 3 of 15.

How does it behave when you are together?

1. He seems a little embarrassed and remains on his
2. He never gave me any particular signs of interest
3. Sometimes he seems interested, sometimes distant
4. He smiles, fills me with attention, jokes and looks for physical contact
Question 4 of 15.

How often are you together?

1. Often for various reasons
2. Sometimes he asks me out
3. Sometimes we happened to be alone, but it is rare
4. We are practically always together
Question 5 of 15.

Does he flirt with you?

1. Yes, it always does
2. No, he never did
3. Yes, but only when we are alone
Question 6 of 15.

What is your relationship with another girl?

1. He has a girlfriend, but he also pays attention to the others
2. She is not very sociable with me or with the other girls, and that I know she doesn't go out with anyone
3. He jokes and flirts with everyone, and he often goes out with some new girl
Question 7 of 15.

How old are you?

1. 22-28
2. 18-22
3. 28-35
4. Less than 18
5. More than 35
Question 8 of 15.

In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle which up to now has not allowed you to be together?

1. Maybe he's engaged / interested in another girl
2. Perhaps there is a lack of courage on both sides: we are too shy and neither of us wants to expose
3. We have a good friendship / professional relationship, and neither of us wants to put him at risk by exposing himself too much
4. I'm waiting for him to try it with me, but he hasn't done it yet
5. Maybe we still know each other too little
6. Maybe there is a lack of interest on his part
Question 9 of 15.

Do you think he talks to you about his friends?

1. I don't know, I don't think so
2. Yes, I know he has done it more than once
3. Yes, at least once he did it with his best friend
Question 10 of 15.

What did you do while dating him?

1. Chat relaxed at home
2. Visit historical sites
3. Watching movies
4. Romantic dinner
Question 11 of 15.

How does he usually behave when he is with you?

1. Make fun of me in a pleasant way
2. He is shy and calm
3. It acts as if you don't exist
Question 12 of 15.

What are your main problems with guy?

1. I often fall in love with the wrong person
2. Sometimes I don't understand the guy mentality well
3. I am overly jealous
4. I often don't know what to talk to the person I like
5. My insecurity / shyness sometimes blocks me
Question 13 of 15.

How does he behave when he sees you with other guys?

1. It looks a bit jealous, but I'm not sure
2. I never interact with other guys because I only like him and I don't want to make him jealous
3. Every time I talk to someone, it is clear that it bothers him.
4. When he sees that I'm talking to other guys he doesn't react in any way. It doesn't seem to matter to him, or he pretends
Question 14 of 15.

Who usually starts a conversation?

1. Often he starts
2. Usually I start
3. Conversation? We spend much more time looking at each other!
Question 15 of 15.

How do her friends treat you?

1. When we are with them they look at us curiously
2. I don't know them / I've seen them a few times
3. Occasionally some of them throw some allusions

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how to tell if a guy likes you

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