If you’re one of those very few people who like dogs AND movies, you really should continue reading (or jump straight to the gallery, I’m not your master). You’re in for a treat! … Okay, no more dog jokes.


Meet Irene. Irene clearly loves her adorable dog Lucy, who came from a rescue litter when she was just 6 weeks old, and you can see it from all these pics, that the feeling is mutual. A few years back Irene started Photoshopping her puppy into all sorts of movie posters, from horrors to comedies. And, I gotta say, she did a terrific job. See for yourself!


P.S. Oh and, by the way, I was kidding about the “no more dog jokes”. I hope you’re not allergic to puns, because each of the following posters is hiding at least one (or more), so see if you can find them all!



1. Captain Jack-Russel-Terrier to the rescue!



2. Much much better than the original!



3. Honestly, the attention to details in this poster is staggering.



4. She’s still a good girl, though, right?

5. I have nothing on this one, sorry.



6. Digging up potatoes would be a cakewalk for Lucy.



7. The pun titles are on point.


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