We’re used to movies showing us beautiful locations, transporting us through time and space, and showing us different countries and even different worlds, but at their core movies tell us stories. And not all stories are meant to be about traveling, in fact, quite many stories happen in one place. So today we thought we’d give you a list of best one-location movies that are incredibly captivating despite being set in one location.


The movie takes place in the car. The main character is driving from London to Birmingham and has multiple phone conversations throughout his journey. And even though all we see is him driving in the car, Tom Hardy does such a great job taking us on this literal and emotional journey. There are high stakes, stressful conversations and lots of emotions. You’ll be surprised how much can happen in a movie literally set in a car.

Locke | Best One-Location Movies | Zestradar

2.Breakfast Club

We bet you didn’t think of this classic as a one-location film, but when you think about it, the majority of the film takes place in one place – the detention room. And yet all five very different characters get a chance to be in the spotlight and have their say and it never feels like you’re crammed into one room, there’s space for exploration.

Breakfast Club | Best One-Location Movies | Zestradar

3.12 Angry Men

This is a prime example of a one-location movie. It’s set almost entirely in one jury room where 12 people are discussing the homicidal trial. There’s tension, there’s character growth, there’s a life at stake. It’s an interesting exploration on how 12 strangers are meant to decide the fate of one person and come to a unanimous decision. It’s also fascinating to see how facts and events can be manipulated and how people’s prejudices reveal themselves.

12 Angry Men | Best One-Location Movies | Zestradar


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