We all have our favorite movies to watch in the lead up to Christmas. Some of us do a Die Hard marathon (no judgment here) and others prefer to watch sweet wholesome family-friendly movies. But honestly, no one can say no to a good Christmas comedy and that’s exactly what we prepared for you today.

1. Home Alone

Every Christmas movie list should start with
Home Alone. If it doesn’t – it’s not legit. Don’t look at me
like that, I don’t make up the rules, I just follow them. But
seriously, Home Alone is the best Christmas movie out there. We all
have pleasant childhood memories associated with it. Who doesn’t
want to watch little Kevin, forgotten at home while his family leaves
for vacation, having to protect his house from burglars? You know you
kind of wish that happened to you, just so you could boobie-trap the
house like Kevin did.

Home Alone | 8 Properly Funny Christmas Movies | Zestradar

Home Alone 2

Yup, you guessed it, Home Alone 2 is the second
movie on the list. Because again, dems the rules. Who else could
convince you that being lost in New York around Christmas and having
to face the same crooks who now have an actual reason to hate you
could be this much fun. I mean, how does little Kevin McCallister
have such bad luck yet is such a genius when it comes to coming up
with hilarious traps?

Home Alone 2 | 8 Properly Funny Christmas Movies | Zestradar

Christmas With The Kranks

If you haven’t seen it for some reason, do
yourself a favor and check out this 2004 masterpiece. It’s good old
slapstick comedy, with a side of wholesome family values and a lot of
funny scenes that will keep the whole family entertained. I mean
what’s more Christmassy than a couple that chooses to swear off
Christmas and go on a cruise?

Christmas With The Kranks | 8 Properly Funny Christmas Movies | Zestradar


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