Henry Cavell is a pretty well-known actor at
this point in his career. Not only is he incredibly handsome and very
talented, but I mean, can we say he’s the embodiment of perfection
at this point? The man played Superman, we’re pretty sure this
means that everyone agreed he’s a perfect specimen of a man. But
despite his superstardom, we bet there are still a few things you
don’t know about him.

He’s Is An Avid Gamer

you first look at Henry Cavill you can’t really imagine him playing
games, he looks way more like a muscly quarterback of a football team
that would get all the ladies than a gamer geek, but we know better
than to judge a book by its cover. Henry loves games, especially
single-player games. In fact, he almost missed the call that would
inform him he got the role in Superman because he was playing World
of Warcraft.

He’s Is An Avid Gamer | 8 Facts You Never Knew About Henry Cavill | Zestradar

Henry Wasn’t Always Ripped

hard to believe that Henry isn’t just naturally blessed with this
Superman body, but he did, in fact, have to work hard for it. He
actually had doubts he would even get the part because he was 20 lbs
heavier during auditions and didn’t think he could actually pull
off the costume. And here’s the biggest shock – Henry Cavill’s
nickname in school was fat, Cavill. Can you believe it?

Henry Wasn’t Always Ripped | 8 Facts You Never Knew About Henry Cavill | Zestradar

3. He
Auditioned To Be The Next Bond

shouldn’t come as a big surprise, Henry actually looks like he’d
be the perfect James Bond. But he did audition for the role and lost
it to Daniel Craig. Cavill was quick to say that he fully supports
Craig’s Bond and that he sees why they chose him. But he remains
interested in the role if he ever got the chance and we know his fans
would love it too.

He Auditioned To Be The Next Bond | 8 Facts You Never Knew About Henry Cavill | Zestradar


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