Nerds might’ve
been considered to be losers back in the day, but this is 2020 and
nerds rule the world. Being nerdy isn’t something to be ashamed of
anymore, after all, it just means being passionate and enthusiastic
about things. And what’s bad about that? In fact, lots of people
are proud of being geeky these days. And we all have at least one
hobby that was considered nerdy back in the day. But why stop at one?
Here are the best nerdy but fun hobbies you should definitely try.
You definitely have the time right now.

Video Games

a gamer is basically a career at this point if you’re really good
at it. And lots of us do it recreationally. If you think you’re not
a gamer person, you probably just haven’t tried the right kind of
game. It’s not all about shooting, there are adventure and puzzle
games. There are just chill games that are about exploring new worlds
and going on quests. There’s the good old Mario Bros for heaven’s
sake. Just give it another try.

Video Games | 8 Best Nerdy but Fun Hobbies to Try | Zestradar


like a treasure hunt in real life. You find locations based on GPS
coordinates, find the treasure, log that you’ve been there and
leave to find a new one. A lot of the time you get a little gift, but
honestly, just the excitement of essentially finding a treasure map
and then finding the treasure is so much fun it’s 100% worth it.

Geocaching | 8 Best Nerdy but Fun Hobbies to Try | Zestradar

Board Games

mean, monopoly doesn’t really count as geeky, but there are so many
other board games that are super fun to play. Dungeons and Dragons is
a classic for a reason, but you need to find a group of people who
already know how to play and join – it’s way better that way.
Munchkin is also incredibly fun to play.

Board Games | 8 Best Nerdy but Fun Hobbies to Try | Zestradar


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