Hot people are
kind of amazing, right? Their confidence usually goes far beyond their
appearance, spreading into work, family, and even personal relationships. Due
to their spectacular looks we assume that they are good at everything, but
science says otherwise. It turns out, attractive people are really bad with
long-term relationships! Looking like a walking Vogue cover might have its
benefits in everyday life, but when it comes to love, such people are less
reliable and have a certain mindset that makes dating them unbearable. Here are
6 reasons why you shouldn’t date hot people.

They are always looking for alternatives

While in most
couples partners tend to focus on each other, losing the so-called ‘wandering
eye’ – they simply lose interest in other attractive people and don’t notice
them in a crowd. Hot people, on the other hand, are always interested in other
options and would keep their eyes wide open even while being in a seemingly
happy relationship. This leads to insecurity and all kinds of issues inside the
relationship you’re trying to build together.

They are always looking for alternatives | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar

They have too many options

This is one of
the biggest issues when dating a hottie – their amazing appearance makes them
think that they always can go to the next relationship and see if things work
out there. This makes them reluctant to work on relationships, trying to find
compromises and solutions whenever problems arise. They tend to run away from
problems, which leads to stress, breakdowns, and psychological imbalance.

They have too many options | 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Hot People | ZestRadar


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