You might be surprised that some of the biggest stars have flaws that we just don’t notice. It’s not because they are small, it’s because their confidence and ability to turn their flaw into an advantage makes them great.



Emilia Clarke – 5’’ tall (157cm)
The Mother of Dragons is surprisingly short which is not uncommon for celebrities. However, Emilia likes good food which reflects on her curvy figure. For Hollywood standards, she is a bit chubby, but her success clearly shows that she doesn’t care what anyone says. She always has perfect outfits and a charming smile which fans love.

Lorde – acne scarring
Usually fresh and successful artists like Lorde capture the attention of millions of fans from around the world and their appearance cannot go unnoticed. Lorde mentioned a few times that she has been battling acne for years and simply accepted this problem. She accepts that this is how it is and emphasizes that it is not something to be ashamed of.


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