No matter if you are from China, the United States or Philippines, there’s at least one thing that we all had in common when we were kids – our love for all things sweet. Now, unless you are somehow allergic to sugar, in which case, please accept my condolences – you technically had no childhood, all you ever wanted as a child were those delicious candies. And, depending on where you lived during the 90’s you may or may not remember many of the candies mentioned below.

This is a list of some of the tastiest Filipino treats enjoyed by at least two generations. If you’re thinking “hey, aren’t those all old and I won’t be able to find them in stores anymore?”, you’d be partially correct, as they really are pretty old, *but* they are still available today!



“Iskrambol” – Ice Scramble
Let’s start with something cool, like, maybe, the legendary, mouth-watering “Ice Scramble”. This pink slushy miracle was almost as good as any modern ice cream, and sometimes even better! Originally “iskrambol” was made from shaved ice, some milk powder, and, of course, chocolate syrup, slowly evolving into Ice Scramble you can find today in local malls and popular stalls like Manila Scramble, BuzBox Scrambles, and Scramble Mania.
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