Have you heard of this legendary continent-slash-nation-slash-island called Atlantis? I’m fairly certain you have, and today we’re gonna dive deep into some of its secrets, and try to figure out if it was even real or not, where it was located, and a few other burning questions the explorers and historians have been asking for well over 2000 years.


Here are 5 fantastic facts about the Lost City of Atlantis!



Do we actually know the location of Atlantis?
Multiple media, such as books, movies, and TV shows, have pointed at some possible location of Atlantis. Sure, the directors may have done some research, placing their movies on Santorini or Bimini, however, if we follow Plato’s texts, we’ll find the legendary Atlantis. I won’t bore you with the quotes, but I gotta add just a few: “Atlantis came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean”; “there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you [ancient Greeks], called the Pillars of Heracles.” (also known as Straits of Gibraltar, where Spain and Africa are separated by a narrow strip of sea). After taking into account other local legends, tales and architecture, this pretty much narrows down our search to Cadiz, Spain, which, incidentally, is also one of the most ancient cities in Western Europe. Apparently, thousands of years ago, the city’s name was Gades, which sounds a lot like the name of an Atlantean prince Gadeirus aka Gades. What more evidence do you need?


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