It seems that nowadays more people are involved in making selfies than in taking actual photos. It’s developing into a kind of art which requires a certain set of skills. Now it’s not enough to take a shot of you and your friend sipping on your morning coffee somewhere downtown. People are getting more and more involved in creating something absolutely crazy, or at least moderately stunning. Even celebs like doing selfies, and out of all people they are the lucky ones that get to travel to some really spectacular places. But about the rest of us? We can make awesome selfies, too! Here are 12 perfect travel destinations where you can create a truly epic selfie. But watch out, these days it’s one of the most dangerous pastimes!



Madame Tussauds
You can find the classy Madame Tussauds wax museum all over the U.S. – Las Vegas, Hollywood, San Francisco, Orlando, New York, etc. It’s one of those moderately cheesy locations where you can still take a memorable shot and, who knows, maybe meet an actual celeb or two!



Empire State Building
Nothing can quite compare to the majestic view you get from the Empire State Building, so there’s no point in avoiding this selfie spot. Just go and try it yourself!

Washington Monument
You can take nice selfies with the Washington Monument, it’s not that hard.



The Hollywood Sign
Another one of the all-time favorites, Hollywood sign can become either an awesome location for your epic selfie, or a cheesy setting for an upsetting shot. You choose! But there are all kinds of things you can do to end up with a cool photo on your hands. Just experiment!


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