America has recently experienced one of the most breathtaking celestial events one can imagine, and is now trying to figure out what it all means. Solar eclipses are truly spectacular natural phenomena as they change how we see the sun and for a brief moment we get to enjoy the starry night sky during the day and the magnificent corona around the sun that’s usually invisible to the naked eye. But what does it mean on a greater scale? Or maybe we should treat this solar eclipse differently and see how it affects the lives of each person individually? Solar eclipses are a big deal in astrology and there’s a reason for that. Here are 10 things we should expect after the eclipse on August, 21st.



Guard your health
All people whose birthdays are within five days of the eclipse (August, 21st) or on February, 21st should pay close attention to their health. If you happen to have your birthday in this period, prepare for a ground-breaking year that will bring critical changes to your life.



Prepare for big change
Eclipses are very symbolic as they block the sun with all its vitality, illumination, health, and truth. Solar eclipses always mark the ending of something – and, thus, the beginning of something new. Nowadays it is not considered bad lack to be in the path of the eclipse, but it was still a shadow that has fallen over the United States, and there’s symbolism in there, too.

America will feel the eclipse strongly
Countries have birthdays too, you know? And the last time the United States was in the path of totality it was 1776, a year when we threw off the shackles of a king, had war, and established long-lasting independence. The theme of this eclipse is ‘breakthrough’, but we have to remember that breakthroughs often come after breakdowns. This is the time when America needs to deal with its self-image.



Eclipse will affect Donald Trump
All Leos will feel the eclipse strongly and it will change their fate. Although President Trump is under the Gemini sign, his ascendant is at 29 degrees of Leo, and this says a lot about him. Leo ascendant is what makes him exude all that bravado. The sun is the ruler of Leo and its metal is gold, hence the love for glitz and glamour. Eclipses in Leo have been historically linked to the downfall of a ruler or the coming of one. Donald Trump was born during a lunar eclipse, which makes him even more susceptible to changes.


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