Don’t you just love those
movies that make you forget about everything else, immersing you into the lives
of its characters? I certainly do! Action, drama, romance, comedy, tragedy –
all these things keep you glued to the screen focused on the plot twists and
turns. And then it happens, a certain moment comes and you start sobbing right
in the movie theatre surrounded by strangers who just happen to be sobbing,
too. It’s the magic of the cinema that makes you have all these feels about
characters that aren’t even real! If you like to get emotional while watching
movies as much as I am, then this list is right up your alley. Here are 10 most
tear-jerking movie scenes ever created.

The Lion King – Mufasa’s Death

Yep, I’m starting with some
heavy stuff here. All 90s kids have grown up watching the amazing Lion King and it was impossible not to
cry when you saw little Simba trying to wake up his dad, who wasn’t sleeping at
all. And then he just curled near Mufasa’s body…it’s one of the most
heart-breaking scenes ever!

The Lion King – Mufasa’s Death | 10 Most Tear-Jerking Movie Scenes Ever Created | ZestRadar

Coco – Miguel Playing ‘Remember Me’

It is a perfect mix of
happiness and sadness when in the end of the movie Miguel plays the ‘Remember
Me’ song to Mama Coco and she instantly recognizes it and remembers her dad who
used to sing it to her. All this despite the dementia! And then her daughter
Mama Elena starts crying, and you also start crying because the emotions are
just too much.

Coco – Miguel Playing ‘Remember Me’ | 10 Most Tear-Jerking Movie Scenes Ever Created | ZestRadar

 Toy Story 3 – The Furnace

The scene at the incinerator
is simply heart-wrenching. When all the toys finally accept their fate and
reach out to hold each other’s hands…Even Woody gives in and takes Buzz’s hand!
It’s too emotional for words.

 Toy Story 3 – The Furnace | 10 Most Tear-Jerking Movie Scenes Ever Created | ZestRadar

Up – First 5 Minutes

Pixar came up with a really
beautiful and sad sequence for the first few minutes of UP. The characters meet as kids, grow up, fall in love with each
other, dream big dreams, get married, grow old together, and finally the wife
dies with their dreams still unfulfilled…It’s beyond sad!

Up – First 5 Minutes | 10 Most Tear-Jerking Movie Scenes Ever Created | ZestRadar


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